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Target Mediation - Dispute Resolution - 0333 7729763 

Same Sex Relationships & Civil Partnership

All relationship breakdowns are a source of distress, anxeity and uncertainty. Target Mediation provides a comprehensive service to help people to move forward and make plans to move on.

Dissolving a civil partnership or divorcing in a same-sex marriage are very similar, and incredibly close to divorce in heterosexual marriage. Whilst adultery and non-consummation are treated differently, everything else is the same. Looking at the finances, there are still some issues around pension splitting that are different.

Target Mediation provides a comfortable and safe environment for same-sex couples going through the process of separation. It is important to be assured of a safe, comfortable environment to have those discussions.

Finances, children and the basis for the divorce or dissolution can be discussed in the mediation setting. Finding a way forward is challenging, but in mediation it is possible to reach an outcome agreed by both.  

Our expertise goes beyond simply knowledge of the laws and process.  Having a genuine commitment to same sex relationship equality and as a previous provider of specialist legal services to the LGBT community, my practice has always been determined to provide the same quality service and respect for all clients. Having an environment that supports LGBT people  I know can really make a difference to getting the right outcome.

Please ‘phone me on 0333 772 9763 or use the Contact Form. The first call is free, no obligation and no pressure. Find out what your options really are.

Mediation for England and Wales - Online Mediation available across the UK

'The first time I spoke to John I put the phone down thinking I’d just spoken to a friend, not a solicitor that I had never met.  Throughout, John communicated to me on my level and was always clear, easy to understand and prepared to explain his reasoning.'MW 

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