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Children and Mediation

Every parent wants to put thier children first, after separation this can prove a source of conflict. Target Mediation provide the perfect forum to discuss your children's needs.

Children have very little choice about parents separating, but the impact on them is inevitably significant. Worry about the impact on the children is equally inevitable. Every responsible parent wants to make sure that the children don’t suffer when parents separate.

Arrangements for contact and residence are not always easily agreed. However, Target Mediation can provide a service that lets both parents explain their views and work through what is in the children’s interests.

Living arrangements for children can be discussed, proposals made and practical arrangements put in place. The beauty of mediation for children’s cases is that it is flexible and can accommodate changes very easily. Unlike a court process which requires court orders, hearings and quite often delay.

Events such as birthdays, holidays and Christmas can be discussed in mediation. By putting together plans that put the children first, it is possible for the focus to be on making good arrangements that will help move matters forward.Issues around schools, religion and maintenance can all be talked through.

Family Mediation Online has expert mediators who have many years of working with separated parents, whilst always keeping the children at the heart of the process.

At the end of the day, no-one knows your children more than you? So who better to plan their future?

To find out more, please ‘phone me on 0333 772 9763 or use the Contact Form. The first call is free, no obligation and no pressure.

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'The first time I spoke to John I put the phone down thinking I’d just spoken to a friend, not a solicitor that I had never met.  Throughout, John communicated to me on my level and was always clear, easy to understand and prepared to explain his reasoning.'MW 

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