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The Online Mediation Process

In the mediation session you will join up with the mediator and other party. The IT will be checked to make sure the connections are all working. Any documents that need to be shared will be been sent through before the meeting. You will have had time to look over them.  Then the mediation can start. 

I then run through the ground rules of mediation, make sure we all understand the limits and boundaries and will respect the process.

As a mediator, I make sure that everybody has a chance to put their position, to ask questions and to explain their views. Solutions that are proposed can be considered and accepted, rejected or refined.

Some matters resolve in one session, others can take three or four depending on the individual cases. Of course, some do not resolve at all. The process can take time

Before final solutions are agreed, the reality of those proposals is discussed, timescales, additional information or practical requirements and how to put the proposals into action are all finalised.

A Memorandum of Understanding and any other necessary documents are then drafted and sent out to each of your for confirmation.

For more information please call me on 0333 772 9763 and we can discuss how I can help you.

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